Dear participants, having your abstracts been accepted for either an oral or a poster presentation, please follow the guidelines below on presenting your research.

Oral presentations

• Provided times for oral presentations (included time for discussion):
Plenary lectures – 30 min
Invited talks – 20 min
Selected talks – 15 min
• Use appropriate visual aids (i.e. Power Point)
• Allow at least 5 minutes at the end of your presentation for questions.

E-Poster presentations

Submission will be open from 1st until 15th September, 2022
E-posters will be presented as a slideshow on LCD screens placed on the side of the conference room, as well as on main screen.
E-posters slideshow will be played during Poster Session brakes at the end of each scientific section.
On-line participants will be able to follow the presentations on their laptops during these scheduled Poster Sessions brakes.
All E-posters will be stored also on the Conference website from 1st October, 2022

Technical rules and suggestions:
Posters should be in landscape orientation, widescreen 16:9 resolution, with  recommended dimensions 120 cm x 67.5 cm)
Prepared in appropriate visual aids (i.e. Power Point, Photoshop)
Saved as high quality .tiff file
Leave a presenting author e-mail or other information that will enable colleagues to contact you.
Please be aware that E-poster is challenging because space is more limited. Everything on the poster must be visible and readable on laptop screens. We suggest reducing the amount of textual information (highlight the research question and main findings) in order to make the figures and diagrams more visible.
Use colors that would not be too bright or blinding on a computer screen.

At the end of the Conference, the Scientific Committee will reward three best student posters with certificates and prizes. We encourage all the students to participate in the contest.